• 50 Years of Hydraulic Cylinders

50 Years of Hydraulic Cylinders 50 Anni Bicelli Cilindri

2018 has been a very important year for BICELLI: we have invested a lot in 4.0 automation, we have refreshed the company image, and much more. This year we celebrate our 50th Anniversary. Back in 1968 Leonello founded a small mechanical workshop in the province of Brescia. Since then we have gone a long way and, led by Leonello’s heirs, from a small factory, we have become a European competitor in the engineering and manufacturing of custom made cylinders.

Thanks to a uniform assignment of the roles in the family based company, during these 50 years we have maintained a dedicated communication between our production chain and our customers. So, from small workshop, we are now an internationally renowned company with more than 50 people working in a 5.000 sqm. headquarter with state-of-the-art technology.