50 YEARS OF

    We are a family, we are entrepreneurs, we are innovators.
    Our products aim at a common objective:
    automation and dynamism.


50 Years Bicelli Hydraulic cylinders

Founded in 1968 by Leonello as a small mechanical workshop, Bicelli have been able to transform into a European competitor in the scenario of the design and production of custom-made cylinders.

hydraulic cylinders manufacturer
hydraulic cylinders manufacturer

Our products aim at a common objective: automation and dynamism. We produce hydraulic cylinders to bring movement to the industry, a movement which in the past 50 years has driven innovation.

The company, now led by the heirs of the Bicelli family, boasts a uniform assignment of the positions, in order to communicate in a constant and widespread way between supplier and customer.
Over 50 employees, skilled workers and specialists, work daily in the 5.000 sqm. plant. It is thanks to them, a professional manpower committed to quality, that every single product represents the highest standard in the field of hydraulic cylinders.

50+ Employees

5.000sqm Company


The interaction among Sales, Engineering and Manufacturing Offices, due to the 4.0 industry innovations Bicelli Cylinders has immediately chosen, is continuous. From the first contact with the customer up to the delivery of the finished product, every single phase is monitored by softwares. Bills of material, technical data, machining processes, painting cycles, every step is optimised thanks to automated vertical warehouses, state of the art CNC machinery and welding robots. A constantly monitored production chain, designed for the highest efficiency and precision, results in a high quality product, tailor made to the need of the customer.







Today an important presence on the European market, Bicelli contributes to the mechanization moving agriculture, industry and automotive.

The strong drive to internationalisation has inspired in 2015 the establishment of Bicelli-Geco, an India based joint-venture: Italian know-how to serve the emerging and steady growing Asian market.

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