Driving innovation with dynamism, turning auomation into technological progress: this is our mission.


Bicelli is the winning combination of technical mastery, talented people and a family spirit.

Leading over 60 employees, qualified workers and technicians, the new generation of the Bicelli family assures – thanks to a uniform assignment of the roles in the company – a constant and widespread communication between supplier and customer.

Based on this, Bicelli build their cylinders: upon people. Before raw materials, before the robot welding, there’s interpersonal communication. Skilled personnel who, thanks to the expertise gained through the years, perceive and understand the need of the customer. Experienced workforce constantly updated by continuing training.

The climate changes affect the world population. Every day Bicelli work hard to build environmentally friendly customised cylinders.

Bicelli’s commitment for the protection of the environmental resources and the reduction of the global warming goes beyond the rules: it’s a moral duty. To ask less to the environment, we demand more to ourselves.

Since 2010 the company has been obtainining part of the energy needed in the production plant from solar panels situated on the 6.500 sqm. rooftop of its headquarter. The state of the art machinery is run thanks to this energy.

The use of the “internet of things” and the 4.0 industrial revolution allow the careful monitoring of each manufacturing phase, so as to guarantee the highest quality standard and a significant energy saving. Automated welding equipment and skilled operators work protected by a safe central aspiration system conveying the air outside and filtering the damaging particles.

Bicelli produce custom made cylinders, from the design to the finished product. This means that the cylinder very often needs to be painted. The experience gained through the years has led to the use of water paints, environmentally friendly and preserving people’s health.