The value of Bicelli hydraulic cylinders makes it a full package choice, able to satisfy the customer need in every automation sector, and not only.


The expertise gained by Bicelli in 50 years is an added value, always available for the customer.

engineering hydraulic cylinders
engineering hydraulic cylinders

Bicelli not only manufacture hydraulic cylinders. They provide tailor made solutions for automation issues. The company has been able to win a significant role in the European market thanks to an appreciated turnkey service.

The process starts gathering and analysing the need of the customer. Every business sector, every application requires specific technical knowledge to design and build the suitable cylinder. The Engineering Department, together with the Sales Department, help the customer finding the most efficient and cost effective solution.

Once the details of the business have been agreed, the project starts. In close contact with the customer and thanks to the implementation of 4.0 industry, Bicelli can easily manage modifications, changes and the whole making process: the cylinder is completely produced following the company manufacturing chain.


Steadily supervised by the information technology system, the project goes from phase to phase, from the parts turning carried out by state of the art CNC machines, through the automated robot welding, to the final painting and packing before shipping. During the whole process the customer can ask to know the progress of an order and receive immediate feedback.

The company, beside the custom made cylinders, offers a range of standard cylinders. Bicelli: multiple solutions, only one supplier.


Bicelli’s commitment does not end with the product manufacturing.

The Post-Sale assistance help the customer in case of malfunction and need for expert advice, even through the years. Technical records and spareparts are always at customer’s disposal.

Post-sale service