Family management on an international scale: this is Bicelli. We have been manufacturing customised hydraulic cylinders for over 50 years, and for over 50 years we have been bringing dynamism into automation.

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Bicelli hydraulic cylinders

The company, beside the custom made cylinders, offer a range of standard cylinders. Bicelli: multiple solutions, only one supplier.

In order to guarantee their reliability and the complance to the strict self-imposed parameters regulating the company policy, Bicelli manufacture all the cylinders in house. Starting from the engineering, the company have tested and approved every single production step.

The shopfloor, over a surface of 5.000 sqm, has the latest technologies available on the market. From the first project, the system connecting the Engineering Department and the shopfloor – resulting from the 4.0 industry investments – gathers all the data and plans automatically all the parts and manufacturing phases needed to obtain the finished product.

Everything starts from the automated warehouse, kept constantly supplied, which guarantees an accurate and steady production pace. Intelligent vertical warehouses select the parts required to begin the production.

Manufacturing hydraulic cylinders


The wide variety of applications where hydraulic cylinders can be used requires custom made solutions. Bicelli manufacture tailor made products starting from the technical drawings the customer provides. We offer a turnkey service to the European market.

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Today an important presence on the European market, Bicelli contributes to the mechanization moving agriculture, industry and automotive.

The strong drive to internationalisation has inspired in 2015 the establishment of Bicelli-Geco, an India based joint-venture: Italian know-how to serve the emerging and steady growing Asian market.

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